Sole Food Safari recommends....

Midsummer House, Cambridge

As many of you know, eating out really is my life's passion and every now and again my husband and I like to go somewhere recommended by the Michelin guide. This summer, we departed our home in Hampshire for a culinary adventure in Cambridge, along with our best foodie friends. Midsummer House, boasts exceptional views over the river Cam and In 1998 the restaurant was taken over by Daniel Clifford with one dream; to turn it into Cambridgeshire’s best restaurant. In my personal opinion, I feel that not only has he turned it into Cambridgeshire's best restaurant, it's possibly one of the best fine dining restaurants in Britain. 

We opted for the decadent 7 course tasting menu with a sense of intrigue and slight trepidation as to what we may receive. When I saw that one dish was mainly made of celery, I started shifting in my chair. However, as it turned out the baked celeriac, hazelnut hollandaise and celery was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten! The flavour and texture combinations were incredible in every course. As a pudding lover, the passionfruit terrine with yoghurt and chocolate was a perfectly refreshing way to finish the meal (washed down with one or two cocktails!)

The service we received was outstanding. Our host, Michael (a former waiter at The Pig in Brockenhurst) was attentive and professional, along with the maitre de who ensured that we had the best experience possible. The icing on the cake was a tour of the kitchens and wine cellars where we learnt about the highly technical preparation processes, and I was delighted to get the opportunity to thank the chefs for their artistry and talent. I know some may balk at the price tag that comes along with Michelin star dining, however our afternoon at Midsummer House was a truly incredible experience and one I shall never forget.  That to me, is priceless.