The Willow Tree, Winchester

Winchester not only is England's ancient capital and has history and culture dripping from every cobbled stone, but for me carries years of nostalgia. I studied at King Alfred's College (now known as Winchester University) and spent many an evening frequenting Winchester's eateries and public houses. Over a decade on, I've swapped my nights at the Porthouse and 'Bop' for more refined evenings. Winchester has a plethora of fantastic restaurants and foodies are spoilt for choice. 

This week, we went to The Willow Tree for some gastropub nosh, and very good it was too. The burgers are pretty legendary, but to our delight and surprise they were serving 'poutine' as a bar snack! This is a French-Canadian delicacy of chips, cheese curds and gravy. Sounds fairly standard, but this is no 'cheesy chips recipe! The Willow Tree served beautiful chunky chips, smothered with melted cheese and rare roast beef cutlets, covered with a silky red wine gravy. I appreciate that from the picture below, it does look like a dogs dinner, but you have to take my word for it when I say it was splendid!